latency and total lack of playback of video backgrounds?

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this is happening with a lot of mobile versions of sites that I have published… as you can see from the screenshot, I’m connected to a business class Wi-Fi connection… However, there’s no playback of the background video for the top of the website… This has been happening, and only recently. It’s happening just about every site that has a video background. 80% of the time I’d say when I check in on my websites the video doesn’t play on the mobile versions or else it takes a long time for it to get started… Long after the intended impact for the arrival to the website has been completely derailed… What’s going on here? you can see that the browser recognizes the video content per the play button icon that’s overlaid and no the play button icon doesn’t trigger the playback either. So what’s up duda?


  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Hi @chrissilva80!

    Unfortunately, some mobile devices actually restrict or limit autoplay videos - especially iPhones when they are set to Low Power Mode.

    You can learn more directly from Google Chrome's documentation - Firefox & Safari have similar settings.

    We have an article that further walks through video widget troubleshooting if you are still having trouble.

    Are you able to get the video to autoplay when the Low Power Mode is turned off on your device?