Duda's Business Strategy AMA - March 2024 Recap 💫

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Hey Everyone,

We had a great discussion yesterday at our latest monthly "Ask Me Anything" session - thank you to everyone who joined! 🧡

If you missed out, check out a recap of the conversation, including some important recommendations from Duda's Strategic Account Management team. ⬇️

Building Your Agency Strategy with Duda

Pricing & Packaging

Offering different packages is a smart strategy that helps align client expectations with the level of effort your agency can provide making the price point worth it.

See a simple example below:

Ultimately, the goal is to cultivate strong relationships with your local customers to ensure their loyalty. Offer them valuable education and guidance on areas of improvement. By becoming their trusted advisor, you can demonstrate how your website and digital marketing strategies will revolutionize their business.

Some professionals will say "Well, I'm competing with WordPress" - well no, you're actually competing with another local agency that is going to handhold them through the process.

Utilizing Duda's White Label Resources

Duda offers white-label resources, including an entire Client Support Portal that you can use to help your clients better utilize the platform.

Have as much centralized for your clients as possible.

If you're going to allow your end customers to engage on the backend, it makes it easier to manage for them and you. You can provide all of the add-ons and apps, take advantage of transactional sites, and use the Membership feature - these are currently resonating with both agencies and SaaS partners that use Duda. Site Comments is an important feature as well.

Apps that clients are finding the most helpful right now:

  • Anything that supports ADA & GDPR compliance. This supports doctors, therapists, and other healthcare providers. Customer favorites are AudioEye and UserWay.
  • Scheduling providers, including Book Like a Boss and vcita.

Check out the full list of Duda Apps available.


One vertical that the Membership feature can really help with is if you have clients who are coaches, online fitness clients, nonprofits, churches, and even HOAs. You can offer both paid and unpaid plans for the end user.

Keep an eye out for our next AMA Session coming in April, where we'll be diving into the world of eCommerce with members of the Duda Product team! Are there any topics or questions you have already? Please leave a comment below. These sessions are dedicated to you and how the Duda team can help. 😊🧡



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