How to create a curved footer

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Hello all, I am developing a new site and I would like to create the curved look to the footer. I have the image "landing_page_white_background.png" in the media (I'm using a pre-populated template) but it's attaching it to a new row and I'm not sure how to overlay that row with the footer background image to create a clipping path of sorts?

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  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Hi @Casie - good question!

    For this design, you have a few options.

    Option 1:

    Create a negative bottom margin to the row to make it overlap the footer.

    Option 2:

    • Add the image as an image widget to the top row of the footer.
    • Make the image full width.
    • Remove any left/right margin and padding from the image widget and the column and row that contain it.
    • Add a negative top margin to the image to make it pop over the row.

    I hope one of these works for you! ☺️