mobile web browser reads "Not Secure"

I am having trouble with my mobile webpage I set up with Duda. When I click on my page, the page opens but in the browser window it reads Not Secure. What is wrong? How do I correct it? I do have the CNAME recorded with my provider Network Solutions and I have a SSL Certificate with Network Solutions. Do I need another Certificate with Duda now? Please help. Thank you.

Here is the text from the browser window:

Here is the message:

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    So, is this an old DudaMobile site? because your sub-domain should be WWW. not "M".

    Also, if you remove the M and just go to the website, its not a Duda Site (from what I can tell).

    You do not need a SSL with network Solutions. You will get one with Duda (no need for two) When you have two it forces the servers to choose which one to use and this could be throwing it out of whack.. Remove one of the SSL, let it propagate and see if that helps.