What's the best way to call the Duda Api from within a widget?

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I'm working through the how to document https://developer.duda.co/docs/building-a-custom-form-widget , and in there an API call is made to an endpoint that is going to consume the Duda API. However, I can't find any explanation or recommendation in the documentation for setting up those API endpoints or for a simple way to access the Duda API using something provided within the widget builder.

My assumption is that an API needs to be developed and hosted externally to secure the username and password for the Basic authentication the Duda API uses, but does anyone have any recommendations on securing that API? In order to build widgets we'd need to expose the https://my.duda.co domain to the CORS - which would allow anyone building widgets to access end points.

Is there an easier way to access the Duda api from within a widget that doesn't involve exposing credentials?



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    You may want to reach out to an Expert for an assist on this one.