Is it possible to create and incorporate application into Duda's page on existing website?

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My client wants me to create and incorporate application into existing Duda web site Here is an example of what he wants: example (for example postal code 98029) . It is interactive questionarry, when you get final results depenfing on your input. Is it possible to do it in Duda? Way be you know developers who can do that? Thanks a lot, Viola

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  • Shawn
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    Hi @Viola! It's possible to build your own interactive, custom form using the Widget Builder. In fact, we build a mortgage calculator form together as part of the Duda University course on the Widget Builder. This could be a great jumping off point if you want to develop this yourself.

    If you want something more out-of-the-box, the Paperform app supports calculations and multi-step forms as well. They have a nice example on their website of this in action.

    For anything more custom, I'd really recommend checking out the Duda Experts. We have plenty of solution partners who I'm sure could make a great custom multi-step form widget for your client.