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Duda really need to deliver an “in-house” solution. Existing offerings / business models are broken. It’s 2022, covid era, and everything online why are we still not deprived of this when other builder platforms - wp, wix, squarespace have had this down up for years?!


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    Duda is not a BOOKING SYSTEM.

    It is a Web Design Platform..

    It offers 3rd party integrations with pretty much anything that can offer you an embedded option. Other platforms skimp on Performance and offer all these other solutions (at an additional cost mind you), and do not give you the power that Duda does when it comes down to websites.

    It is advertised as a Web Design Platform for agencies. Not a ONE STOP SHOP ALL INCLUSIVE SOLUTION.

    I would much rather see Duda ramp up platform needed features and widget vs these other items that pros feel they HAVE TO HAVE..

    • Calendly is free -
    • TidyCal has a LTD -
    • vCita is an App.

    Duda needs to continue making the Website Platform better and not try to cater to everyone who feels like they HAVE TO HAVE something... Also, I would like to remind you that this is a Duda Community in order to help other pros and agencies. It is not a platform to compare Duda with any other platform, or to bash Duda because they do not have something that you want.