build from scratch - blank template


When i reset the template, duda showed many templates but non of them is blank/empty template

Note; i'm using duda builder via website hosting provider (white leabling )

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  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    Hi @Amr_qayed , you're able to create your own templates in Duda--I've done the same thing to create a fully blank slate. To do so, I recommend grabbing one of the 'blank flex' or other 'blank' templates and deleting all of the content in that site. Then, in the dashboard, you can create a template from that very blank site. Just keep things like an initial row and a basic header in place. Generally, it's faster to build sites if you are starting with a template with content on it, which is really one of the great values of having so many template and section options. But I understand the need to have a blank slate instead sometimes! Here's the docs page on how to create a new template in your account.