Hi From Vietnam

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Howdy Duda Community,

My name is Samuel and a Freelance developer located in HCM, Vietnam.

I am experimenting with Duda. So far its been okay.

Anyway, looking forward to chat about html / css / JS with Duda.

See you in Discussions!



  • Aj_Cre8
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    Welcome to the party.. How long have you been using Duda?

  • Kia
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    Welcome to the Duda family, @stcode! I recommend taking a look at our Duda University content to help you get familiar with the platform. Our Support Portal also has tons of great content to help you along the way. Happy building!

  • community_manager
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    @stcode we're so glad you're here!

  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    Welcome @stcode ! If you start digging into the widget builder and hit any roadblocks as you're getting started, feel free to tag me in any question posts :)

  • Shane_Hodge
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    Great to have have you on board @stcode I had my first trip to Hanoi in 1998 fell in love with the place and the people ah wow the food enjoy you duda journey.