Variable for user email in Members section

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Hi all.

I've created a members page using the Members App. I have a Paperform form within this members page. I'm trying to automatically pull the user email address into that form.

I know that Paperform allows prefilling with keys (There doesn't seem to be an option to add this in the Duda interface, but we can get around that by just pasting the Paperform embed code with prefilled data in custom code).

Is there a variable I can use in the HTML to get the email of a logged in user?

I've searched all the docs and not found anything.



  • Aj_Cre8
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    Dynamic Data for the membership app is not quit available yet. I do believe it is going to be a roll out, but not sure when. You may want to reach out to support and see if they can help until it's available to all.

  • MikeyBinto
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    Is there a solution yet for determining the member email address or some other means of identifying individual members accessing a page? I'd like to create dynamic pages that change depending upon the user.