ADA/WCAG compliance

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Who at Duda can I discuss access to compliance controls with? I have a handful of widgets I use where the difference between compliance and not are access to a few simple controls. Examples being a missing form label for the blog search widget, or empty links with the social icons widget.

I logged a support case last week and was laughed at (literally) when I suggested these enhancements get bumped to the top of the dev queue.

I know of a local business getting sued due to non-compliance (not on Duda) and his developers/widget owners are taking these requests very seriously.

I'm reading that overlays alone (like AudioEye) do not guarantee compliance despite claims.



  • community_manager
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    Hi @motably!

    Thanks for raising this issue. 😊 Compliance is certainly a priority! I'll ping the team and circle back with any relevant information.

  • motably
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    Thank you, Sheyla. Any updates?

  • Danny_Crumpton
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    I would love to see if there was any update to this? Yeah, every attempt I made to contact Duda about accessibility issues with their platform that we can not fix, they seem to not care. Their solution was to partner with Apps that actually do not make websites more accessible or compliant with ADA/WCAG.

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    @Danny_Crumpton we're discussing internally how we can better support you and other Duda Pros with what is a delicate subject. Apps can certainly play a role in that, but we're exploring more ways to provide more resources.

  • Danny_Crumpton
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    Hello Sheyla, thank you for your response. I hope Duda does not just rely on Apps. As we do our research on website accessibility, overlays like AudioEye and UserWay are not the cure and sometimes can be more of a pain than not.

    We are not expecting Duda to be perfect on this, but maybe provide guidance on what we can do to customize or work around any issues Duda can not address in regards to accessibility?

    Here is a great example from Webflow on what they are doing to help guide their clients in regards to accessibility.

  • MattW
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    I'd like to bump this post and ask if Duda has any more, non-widget resources in regards to ADA compliance. A client of ours is being sued over lack of subtitles on a video of his, so now he's looking critically at the website. I've told him our designers and platform (Duda) follow all best practices, etc. but it would be nice to have a more solid response or even documentation from Duda. I'm loving the resources from Webflow.

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    I would love to hear if there is any update as well

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    I'd love to hear about updates as well. This is an important issue.