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Can you add two Airtable tables to one Duda dynamic page? Like for example let’s say it’s a real estate website and for each agent I have a comment table so when someone clicks on a agent the comments that belong to them will only show up



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    Hi @Arrezbrayan!

    I've added the #dynamicpages tag to your post so it reaches the right experts! 😊

  • Aj_Cre8
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    I don't believe you can add the same Dynamic Page to multiple Collections. Also, it seems like in your example a Dynamic Widget will be needed as well. I want to point our that without some MAJOR development work you can not place Dynamic Widgets with Dynamic Pages.

  • Arrezbrayan
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    Could I just add everything to one collection on Airtable? But then how would I get the comments to only show up for each agent since you can filter the data but you can’t dynamically add the agent id number. So that won’t scale good. I know since I can only add one table from a MySQL then MySQL is completely useless. Would a nosql database scale better like on Duda. Or should I just give up and go with a custom web design from scratch