Unable to make certain edits to the navigation bar

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Hello! I'm trying to make edits to my navigation bar, and I'm having some issues, and I'm not finding any solutions when googling. Specifically:

1) I'd like to make the background of the entire navigation bar transparent. That ability is referenced in this article, but I can't for the life of me find the option anywhere.

2) I'd like to center all the elements in the row; unlike when editing sections, the header doesn't give me any options to do this. Some elements (like the navigation links, or the button) seem to be snapping to the center on their own, but other elements (like the logo image, or some text I've added in) will only snap to the top. Playing with the padding isn't helping.

3) While I have been able to find an area to change the logo on scroll, I can't find an area to change the background row color on scroll. For example, I want the row to be transparent when the page is loaded, but I want the row to be white when the page is scrolled. Is this not supported? I can't find any support details around this.


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    For issue 1

    IF :

    In order to make the header transparent simply click on the Header Tab, and choose Design. Then make the background color transparent

    For issue 2:

    If you margin isn't working for this, you should open a support ticket to get some help. Margin should works. NOTE: Padding is the spacing on the inner part of the element, margin is the spacing on the outside of the object.

    Margin is indicated by the blue box. Exterior

    Padding is indicated by the white box. Interior

    For issue 3:

    If you enable "SHRINKING HEADER" then you see a new Background Color option. That is where you change the background color on scroll. NOTE: Timing of the change can not be controlle