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Hey Duda Pros... Aj here from Cre8 My Site... Lets jump into a new topic..

HOME OWNER ASSOCIATIONS.. Oh boy how I despite those things (even thought I live in one lol).

Who here specializes in this Niche, and what is your process like? Do you create a Membership Site? Do you incorporate a CRM (such as vCita) so the neighbors can pay their dues? Asking for a friend 😁

What has been your most successful set up with these types of websites?



  • Rene
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    Hey Boss,

    If I were to build such from scratch, the tools you mentioned could provide a basic portal for payment and email notifications. You could put a blog on a members/passworded page for homeowner fights. But, when compared to systems on the market, your feature set could be lacking. You would need a secure, indexed/searchable place to store insurance and policy documents (historical and current). You need to set retention rules based upon statutory guidelines.

    In addition, there needs to be a facility for handling assessments, late payments, liens, etc. If I did it I would study the competition and create a widely marketable vertical. One-by-one would be a pain as you would constantly get bugged for feature upgrades. Then, you are out of the web design business and deep into vertical market software land, dividing your time and resources.

    Just my humble opinion.


  • Aj_Cre8
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    The sure place to store info could be handled within Duda's Membership app. I am not sure why Insurance Policies and Documents need to be indexed and searchable, so long as they were available to the logged in homeowners. As far as assessments and late payments etc, couldn't a CRM (such as vCita) work for that as you can generate invoices for those needs as needed??

  • Rene
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    Good input. I tend to compare DIY work to verticals and weigh the workload of supporting and maintaining a home-grown system vs just buying it. Some associations like to see docs sorted and categorized so that they can look up when certain decisions were made. You also have the fun of password security. UID and password for membership then a different UID and password for vCita can become a pain and that's only two features so far. I prefer easily supportable, integrated solutions even though one could improvise. I could be wrong, though.