At Last we can brag

Shane_Hodge Member Posts: 122 MVP
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I was only saying to @Sheyla the other day its a tough gig being a solutions partner. We see all these awesome sites being posted, we might have helped design it, build it maybe do the tech work, or add a widget, but we have to clap and congratulate and let others get the applause LOL. BUT Yesssss I am so excited at last we get to brag about a site we have had some input on yesss normally we have to stay silent in the backgound oh this is special. Want to congratulate Tony Hill for this wonderful duda site, TheCamel helped out with our directory widget and Tony and his team did all the magic. Its a Community site to help a great cause, bravo to Tony and super happy we get to show how our directory widget is used. Thanks to all Lov n hugs and allowing to be part of something special.