Has anyone had issues with URL's? Meaning when you have /category/ url you can put anything you want after the last / and it brings up a category page that you have no control over the format. For example, on our site we can type in www.bulkcontainerexpress.com/category/jeff obviously this is not a valid category but we don't get a 404 error. It take you to a category page that is not the same as our normal category page and we have no control over the format or content.


  • Aj_Cre8
    Aj_Cre8 Member Posts: 612 MVP

    I think there is a little confusion on how you worded your issue! Could you provide a link or screenshots so we can better understand the issue you are having?

  • Jeff_Mitchell
    Jeff_Mitchell Member Posts: 5

    if you are typing in a browser and type in www.bulkcontainerexpress.com/category/jeff it takes you to some category page with rainbow boxes. You can literally type in anything for jeff and it takes you to this weird rainbow category page that we have not control over. It is like a "default" category page if the url is not recognized. This seems weird.

  • Paul_Lancieri
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    I would love to get an answer to this if it has been resolved. From what I understand, the DUDA Support team looks at these posts before their Facebook Group.

  • KC_Uyo
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    I am also trying to figure out this issue.

  • Jeff_Mitchell
    Jeff_Mitchell Member Posts: 5

    I have not received any resolution to this issue.