How to realize a Main Menu Entry without URL

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Hi Duda experts!

How can I setup a Main Menu which has an entry where only the sub-menu entries have corresponding URLs, but the Main Menu entry should not have any link at all.

To understand my request you can have a look to that page:

You can see, the second menue entry "Uner Verein" has no URL link, it is just clustering all teh sub menue entries.

I thought about removing the #href in HTML / Dev mode, but it seems the menue is a dmle_extension which generates the coding dynamically.

This approach is often used in the web and I am wondering how I can realize this with duda. Any advise is more than welcome!

Best regards, Bastian

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  • Aj_Cre8
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    Set your main menu item within the PAGES tab of the editor as a FOLDER. this will allow it to be displayed as a menu item in the nav, but it's not clickable. The sub items can then be placed under them to make them part of the submenu when the main folder is hovered.