Question of the Week: What CRM Are You Using With Your Duda Site?

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This Week, @boomsk8er asked:

What CRM are you using with your Duda site?

HubSpot is the industry heavyweight. I have implemented it across two large businesses and it absolutely rocks.

For mum and dad businesses the price tag is generally too steep. The free CRM and Marketing Stater package is pretty good though. I like the look of Go High Level as you can re-sell the software for a markup and I like the pro Gmail CRM someone suggested above. Vcita does look and feel a bit half-baked.

Here's what the community had to say:


I like Pipedrive. There’s a CRM called Copper that integrates with Google Workspace. Also, Streak.

@Cameron Wallace

I am looking for one to use with my clients. I use HubSpot. VCita is a C+ grade software in my opinion. Wouldn't recommend it for your internal use.



@Michael Kennon and @jonolong:


@Krista Guerrero

I use Zoho Bigin and integrate it with Zapier.

@Jared Broussard, @Paul_Lancieri, @jared DeValk, and @Kate Reising



I know a company where they use Vcita. They were able to resell to their clients, plus those clients can receive payments in Vcita, collect their customer's info, post social media posts across different platforms, able to accept bookings and link their Duda website

@Michael Kenon

Thryv is literally just Vcita rebranded. They are massive in the home service industry.

@Anthony King

Zoho one

@Joseph Smith




Which CRM do you use with your Duda site? Let us know!