Memberships - Now In Duda

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Its been a long time coming, but we got the notice this morning.. Out of beta

Its time to rock and roll.

If you were to build a Membership Site right now, what type would it be?


  • Louis_Wright
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    I am planning on building one for an existing Charity Organisation I work with pro-bono.

    They run scientific expeditions around the world and have a number of high level sponsors. In return the sponsors receive stunning photo and video assets for their contributions along with awareness, it will be great to see if I can incorporate the membership app and see if it will work as a asset and resource hub for all the sponsors so they can download their content and also receive daily updates within the membership pages 🤙

  • Aj_Cre8
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    @Louis_Wright that sounds like an awesome project. Keep us all posted.

  • Creativore_Studio
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    edited December 2021

    You don't even need to create a new site to add memberships. It can be integrated into new ones no problem. Even for simple websites, a small members area with downloads and additional resources could be used even for small, local, businesses.

    For example, a gardener could offer lawn-care resources. Most people don't use service-based businesses non-stop. There will be a period in between where they'll need to fix things themselves. Then while they're waiting it's great to have an excuse to sign them up to your mailing list or membership site. Then when they're time-poor you'll be the first business that comes to mind.