Product Page Not Showing (504 Gateway Time-out)

Ivan_H Member Posts: 1

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone ever experience with product page could not be load and returning 504 Gateway Time-out?

Store category page works fine but when we select the product it didn't load the product page.

It's been almost a week trying to resolve this issues and I've contacted Duda support but still waiting for their update (escalated to e-commerce team).

Hope anyone can help as we needed to launch the website on August 1st.

Many Thanks.



  • community_manager
    community_manager Administrator, Moderator Posts: 301 Duda Staff

    Hi @Ivan_H

    Glad to hear it's being investigated by our support team. This sounds like it may be something account specific (as we don't currently have any other reports). Hoping for a swift resolution :)