🥇Badges: Everything You Need To Know

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Badges are an exciting way for you to earn points and climb the League’s leaderboard. There are several types of badges you can earn, each with their own point value. 

Badge types: 

  • Course badges. Earn 100 points by completing one of the eligible Duda University courses. 
  • Certification badges. Earn 500 points by completing a Duda University course and passing the corresponding certification exam. 
  • League badges. Earn points by leveling up to a new tier in the League and by completing activities in Duda Community. 

Course Badges

Course badges are earned by completing one of the following Duda University courses and earn you 100 points per course. You can only earn these badges once. 

Core Web Vitals Pro

Requirement: Complete the Optimize Your Site for Core Web Vitals course. 

Learn how to optimize your sites for Google’s Core Web Vitals performance metrics and earn the Core Web Vitals Pro badge. 

Widget Pro

Requirement: Complete the Building Custom Widgets course. 

Learn how to add functionality to your Duda site with the Widget Builder and earn your Widget Pro badge. 

eCommerce Pro

Requirement: Complete the eCommerce Best Practices course. 

Learn how to appeal to customers, acquire new customers, retain existing customers, and earn your eCommerce Pro badge. 

DudaFlex Design Pro

Requirement: Complete the Designing with DudaFlex course.

Learn how to design your site using DudaFlex sections and earn your DudaFlex Pro badge. 

Certification Badges

Certification badges are earned by completing one of the following Duda University courses and the corresponding certification exam. You’ll earn 500 points for passing the exam. 

Developer Pro

Requirement: Take the Duda Certified Developer course and pass the certification exam. 

Demonstrate your knowledge of Duda's developer tools to become a Duda certified Developer and earn your Developer Pro badge. 

Web Design

Requirements: Pass the Duda Certified in Web Design exam. 

Demonstrate your web design skills to become a Duda certified Web Designer and earn your Web Design badge. 

League Badges


Requirements: 2,000 points and 2 published sites.

The learner is a web pro who is working towards skills mastery. They might be new to the game or just new to Duda, but they are hungry to learn and ready to take their expertise to the next level. Once you reach Learner, you’ll earn a badge and 100 points. 


Requirements: 5,000 points and 5 published sites.

The second tier in the League. The Leader is an industry expert, someone who’s honed their skills throughout their professional career and is putting that experience to good use by advising and inspiring others. Once you reach Leader, you’ll earn a badge and 100 points. 


Requirements: 10,000 points and 10 published sites.

The third and highest tier in the League. The legend needs no introductions, they know everything and everyone knows them. These pros are masters of their craft, true guiding lights to their peers and the gurus of this community. Once you reach Legend, you’ll earn a badge and 100 points. 

Limited Edition Badges


Requirement: Be nominated and then voted for by your peers. 

This is the only badge that cannot be earned by taking a course, earning a certification, or by moving up the League’s leaderboard. This badge can only be earned once a year and has to be earned through votes and peer nominations. If you receive it, you’ll earn 500 points. 

First 100

Requirement: Be one of the first 100 members to join the Duda Community. 

This is a limited edition, 100 point badge awarded to the first 100 people to join the Duda Community. 

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  • courtneyquaresimo
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    How about earning a badge once you publish a certain amount of new sites or a set amount of points each time you publish a new site?