3 Ways to Move Your Sites to Duda (Special Promo Inside!)

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Moving can be stressful, but we’ve made it easier than ever to move your sites to Duda! Whether you have tens or hundreds of sites, we’ve got you covered. And for a limited time you can take advantage of our 50% off promo on annual sites.

There are multiple ways to move sites to Duda. Here are the three most common we want to recommend for anyone considering it:

  1. If you are a do-it-yourself type, you can use our migration guide to move sites yourself.
  2. Have enough on your plate already? You can hire a Duda vetted and approved Expert to do the heavy lifting for you, with prices starting at $250 per site.
  3. If you’re migrating a large number of sites contact our team to learn more about automation tools that can help make the process smooth and painless.

Moving to Duda not only saves you money on maintenance costs, but it allows you to reap the benefits of the leading web design platform, not to mention the ease and convenience of having all your sites in one place.

Not convinced? Hear what our community member @Josh_Neimark of Fix8 media Agency had to say:

“Migrating to Duda resulted in happier clients who were getting more customized website designs with more personalization options.”

Have a site you already moved to Duda? Share it with us in the comments below!


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    @Josh_Neimark good feedback as its a growing niche market, lot of not just vintage sites out there but also difficult to manage, duda makes it a lot easier so worth the move.