Installing paid Ecwid apps which are not available via Duda dashboard


In case you have found an interesting app on Ecwid Marketplace or somebody suggested an app to you, but you don't see it in your Duda dashboard, or you can't install it, there might be an easy solution.

Usually, app developers can create a custom link for cases like this, where you install the app for free and then you find a way to pay for it later.

So the first step is always to contact the app developer via contact info which can be found on the app page and ask for a custom Duda app link.

An example is InfiniteApps which offers several engaging and very useful apps like AmazonPay, Zip Pay, Upsell & Cross Sell Product Kit, Auto Currency Switcher, and others. For most of them, they can provide a custom Duda app link. I've found other developers doing the same thing, so make sure to contact them if you are interested in some app that can make your store even better.

Did anybody had already some experience on this topic?



  • Ben
    Ben Member Posts: 7

    Hey thank you for this was wondering about Zip Pay

  • Anton
    Anton Member Posts: 1

    How do you add the app to Duda specifically?

  • benfromstrafford
    benfromstrafford Member Posts: 1

    I had to do an insane jerry-rig job with Pirate Ship where I found the duda/ecwid user in the network requests, then manually created a password at, then could use that to intercept the Oauth redirects to and send them to Absolutely insane, but it works, until the authorization expires and you have to re-auth using the redirect strategy again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯