ECWID/DUDA Ecomm CC gateway page with


So we had to change CC processors bc Square has shitty policies on CBD companies. We are now with and have successfully set up the account to take orders via the DUDA Ecomm system. All is OK other than when you go through the checkout process and get the 'Pay Now' button, it jumps you to a very plain (90% white page) and unimpressive summary page to enter your CC info with little or no order or customer detail info until you go through the input portion. With Square, it at least seemed somewhat integrated and had the order detail alongside the order info.

Are we missing something in or DUDA set up? Within acct. profile page it has an area to 'customize' the order form but DUDA does not seem to integrate or recognize that in the Endpoint URL.

Anyone else have this issue and/or suggestions on how to make it look more official/branded?