Happy New Years

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New Years Resolutions

As 2022 creeps its head around the corner we can't help but wonder if it will be better or worse than 2021?

As for us, we are quite frankly, ready to slam the door on 2021 and never open it back up. We had a very challenging year as an agency, and as a family. However, through every struggle we face, we get stronger and we learn things that turn us into who we are tomorrow. So, we are gearing up for 2022, and we are getting ready to GO CRAZY.

2022 for Cre8

Cre8 Editor make over - Cre8 editor is where we send all our awesome clients who want to handle the design process themselves. They choose a THEME (never say template) and we let them rock and roll. We give them a FB community to collaborate in and answer questions for them if needed.

Cre8 Partnership Program - We will be focusing quite a bit on this, building an area for our fellow Duda Pros to reach out to us (along with the brand new Expert Portal) and request help, or some work. We think its going to be awesome.

With that being said, What do you and your agency have in store for the New Years?

Aj @ Cre8