How to set SOME dynamic pages to noindex


If there is a collection that is filtered on some value, then we can set up a list that displays only the items that pass the filter. Visitors won't be able to click to navigate to any dynamic pages that are connected to that collection

However, the automatic sitemap.xml will include all the items, not just those that pass the filter in the list, and will appear in search engine results.

This is correct behavior, because there could be other lists with different filters, but there could be cases where some pages should not be indexed.

Any way to set those dynamic pages to noindex or disabled?



  • community_manager
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    Hi Bill!

    I am very sorry to say that this is not an available feature of our platform (yet), and I do not have a workaround to offer either to solve this. I apologize for the limitation :(

    I found the following feature request in our Idea Board: Add ability to add specific meta tags for each individual dynamic page

    I encourage you to upvote for it to let our product managers know you are interested in this feature and to be subscribed to any future updates on the status of this feature request :)