2021: In Review

The Duda Team
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2021 was quite the year! Your incredible hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, and creativity made 2021 a year to remember. Together, we overcame challenges, improved our platform, and took our community to the next level.

We introduced loads of new features and tools to support your goals at every step of the way. Here are some Performance, Support, Training & Education highlights:

  1. Membership: The #1 requested Duda feature is here
  2. We claimed the #1 Spot in Core Web Vitals
  3. Snipcart joined the Duda family
  4. SEO improvements that will help you get more local leads
  5. Duda Experts: Partner with professionals with deep Duda knowledge and experience
  6. Hello, Animations!
  7. Feeling bold? Introducing Custom Fonts
  8. Sort and Filter Content Collections
  9. Dudaflex: Introducing pixel perfect websites in half the time
  10. Major eCommerce updates
  11. Practical and resource rich webinars
  12. Custom branding: Your brand, everywhere

And of course, we launched Duda Community: an evolution of the community experience for Web Professionals (like you!) 

Let’s say hello to our new members and winners of the First 100 challenge with our last question of the year: What’s the best decision you’ve made in 2021?

@PW_DigitalAgency, @_dev, @Kend_Pangan, @Maurice_Natte, @Lift Division_Web Design Team, @Heine_Melo, @Marina_Nessler, @LUIS_ROSALES, @Jami_Mullikin, @Craig_Morgan, @Edouard_Roquette, @Thomas_Cremer, @Lorna_Blakey, @Dorian_Eltze, @Katy_Wang, @Samart_Nuanpaksee, @bright_peter, @doron_shavit, @Mahathir_Jamah, @Julieta_Carosía, @Nuttadech_Junlawan, @Rich_Keller, @Salt _Creative, @giovani_CASTANEDA, @Rajeev_Nedumaran, @Greg_Grabowski, @Md_Ridoy, @Lena_Taylor, @Sharon_Iversen, @Erica_Silzer, @Sharon_Keevins, @Gerald_Hörterer, @Jennifer_Foxwell, @David_Heringer, @Paul_Lancieri, @Cynthia _Gutierrez, @Robert_Perry, @Therese_Walker, @Paul_Hendrickson, @Orazio_Parodi, @Dean_Harrison, @Creativore_Studio, @Astrid_Garcia, @Michael_Jørgensen, @Armen_Tatevosian, @Christopher_Treppler, @AMS_Customer Service, @Victor_Avgust, @Richard_Kenwrick, @Gunnar_Dickson, @Macauley_Smith, @Ranessa_Hendrix, @matteo_curto, @David_Marden, @Danny_James, @DannyRJames, @David_Prescott, @Alexandre_Geoffrion, @Stavros_Varsamakis, @John_Ohman, @Danny_Crumpton, @Robert_Tickner, @Adam_Strange, @karl@wsi4websites.com_last, @Jaida_Anderson, @Thomas_Sonnenschein, @Danielle_Speciale, @Blake _Davis, @Thomas_Connery, @Elizabeth_Fedak, @Naomi_Roszhart, @Barry_Kornspan, @Amanda_Ryan, @Nick_Wallbank, @Jade_Keevins, @Joseph_Stamps, @Eric_Belliveau, @Lars_Briesemeister, @Adam_Wills, @Patrick_Vuithier, @Peter_Jones, @Louis_Wright, @Kjell Morten_Håland, @Alastair_Manning, @Nick_Whiting, @Rv Sergio_Ramirez, @Egill_Vignisson, @David_Knispel, @Vanessa_Browne, @Karl_Salter, @Josh_Dardis, @Kelly_Hawker, @Leighton _Campbell, @first_last, @Brent_Moore, @Bill_Sholar, @David V_Thomas, @Tolga_Altaş, @Jacob, and @Philip_Ellis.

Congratulations 🎉 You're on your way to the League.

Happy New Year, and here’s to a fantastic 2022! 



  • Shane_Hodge
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    Welcome onboard everyone.

  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    Woo! What an awesome year–that list really is spectacular. Great job, Duda! I'm so happy to see community is launched and applaud everyone who put so much effort into it.

    To answer your question What’s the best decision you’ve made in 2021? For me there are so many answers to that! In my personal life, moving to our forever home in the mountains of Colorado next to the national forest and escaping city life is my answer. Work wise, initiatives that I launched with Widget Pro in 2021 have laid so much ground work to be able to help Duda agencies far and wide in so many ways going forward, and I'm really excited to see where we are by the end of 2022 and beyond.

    Let's hear your best decisions of 2021 @Gerald_Hörterer @Jennifer_Foxwell @David V_Thomas @Paul_Lancieri @Cynthia _Gutierrez @Robert_Perry @Therese_Walker @Paul_Hendrickson @Egill_Vignisson And tag more community members and the first 100!:)