Google Image Indexing Issue - IMG vs. CSS background-image?

JackB Member Posts: 1

Quick question. I have a site that 30% of the traffic comes from Google Images. I want to migrate it to Duda but it seems like Duda shows 90% of the website images via CSS background-image. Which Google doesn't index (John Mueller).

Is there a way to change this to IMG tags? I really like the platform but this is a big concern.


  • community_manager
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    Hi Jack!

    That is correct - Google does not index background images because background images are added to the CSS, and alt-text is an attribute added to the image tag (HTML) that search engines can crawl.

    If you need Google to index your images, then I would suggest adding all your images to any image widget (image, photo gallery, image slider) as these get added to your site's HTML and have fields where you can add alt-text for Google to index.