Can you separate the Store Login from the Store page?

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eCommerce question using Ecwid.

TLDR:  I understand we can use the "Store Design" widget on multiple pages, but is there a way to control which action uses which store design, or to hide elements of a design based on which 'Page' of the widget the user is in?


For the website design and page structure, most pages work through the "Store Design" widget. This widget (and the page it's on) becomes the design of the:

  • shop front
  • individual products (and from the filter widget)
  • checkout
  • store login

In this specific example, I want to add a filter widget to the primary store page so users can click through categories. But I don't want this filter to display on an "individual product" or "store login" page. I only want it on that top level products page.

Individual product, with filter:

The filter is also on the login page:



  • Nadya_Chelnokov
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    Hi, there are few ways to fix this issue:

    1. Write to Duda support - they can check if it's possible to provide custom code to hide the filter from the certain pages.
    2. Use the Duda Native eCommerce - each element there is separate widget and you can better control the storefront.