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Hi there...I'm new to Duda and figuring out things much faster than I ever did when on WP...Quick question - For the blog page I have set up as two columns with the image heights sized right to fit inside the column ...BUT...when I switch to tablet the image size is off in both columns and that happens again when I shift to the phone...if I correct the phone it throws off the desktop and the tablet? And if I correct the tablet it throws off the desktop and phone? How do I get the size right on all three?

Am I missing something very obvious?

Thanks, ewell


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  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    It's difficult to understand for your post whether you are referring to:

    • regular images (Image widget) within a blog post
    • column background images
    • Gallery images
    • the thumbnails that appear in the All Posts/Recent Posts Widget.

    First, there is (sadly) very little (or none) difference in settings between DT and Tablet. You usually either have to live with imperfections on Tablet, or duplicate..hide..and format each independently.

    Regular images, you should be able to set size (width, which automatically controls height) separately from DT and Mobile.

    Gallery Images, same deal.

    For the Blog All Posts widgets, oddly, the height is common for all 3 devices. So you often need to resort to duplicate and hide practices.

    Just one of many Duda warts and time wasters.


  • Ewell_Smith7
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    Thank you. The one I'm challenged by is the Blog All posts widget...I went back and played with some and have it nailed just right for Desktop ad Cell phone...tablet is still a bit off...but tolerable right now..

    Thanks you for such a detailed response...much appreciated.