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We're required by our security department to utilize SSL certificates issued managed through GoDaddy. They are not comfortable with the free LetsEncrypt certs provided by Duda. Has anyone figured out a way to utilize 3rd-party certs on Duda? When we hosted with WP Engine, it was a simple matter of uploading the certs to their portal. Thanks!


  • Thomas_Connery
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    I can only assume you would need to contact Duda support for this. Using a 3rd party SSL may not be an option but if it is, they would be able to help.

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    Yeah, I went down that path unsuccessfully. It caused a real rift internally as I was assured by Duda it was possible, prior to rebuilding our site from Wordpress. Then when we went to publish, we were told it was Not possible. We wound up implementing a hybrid approach which will prevent bad actors from creating new certs in our name, but still using LetsEncrypt for the final security, but that's not ideal. Cheers.

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    What are the real security differences between a Duda SSL and a GoDaddy SSL? I don't know why the Duda SSL is an issue Let's Encrypt is an extremely reputable provider.

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    I don't know that there are any security differences, but that's beside the point. I only know that LetsEncrypt isn't approved by our CISO, since our approved vendor is GoDaddy. Hence my question if anyone knew a way around that. Cheers.

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    Curious what your hybrid approach could be.......Cloudflare? 99% sure we can only use the duda provided SSL. I would definitely vote it up though if it was on the idea board.