How can I edit my desktop device page layout WITHOUT it affecting the tablet layout?

Hey there! I am designing a page on my website and whenever I move an element on the desktop portion, it changes it in the tablet portion.

it looks good on the desktop but makes it look ugly on tablet.

has anyone had this issue?


  • Iman
    Iman Member Posts: 4

    Duda have options where you can hide an element per device, for example if you have a row with different widgets, you can duplicate it twice and on the desktop editor, right click on the row and hide on devices then select tablet and mobile, then for the duplicated row head for the tablet preview and do the same thing

  • SailorBlue
    SailorBlue Member Posts: 2

    I am having the same stupid issue for three days now and am ready to abandon the platform! How dumb that you can't lock a page down and go work on another visual. I love the platform but this is ridiculous!