How can I edit my desktop device page layout WITHOUT it affecting the tablet layout?

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Hey there! I am designing a page on my website and whenever I move an element on the desktop portion, it changes it in the tablet portion.

it looks good on the desktop but makes it look ugly on tablet.

has anyone had this issue?

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  • visioncraft
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    Hey, @Medicalmassageclinic, let me see if I can help you a little. Duda is a very powerful platform, with a lot of flexibility, and you can certainly do just about anything with it. But just like any powerful tool, it does require a little time and dedication to learn to use it to its full potential.

    The first thing to understand, is that Duda sees the 'content' of your page widgets - like the text in your text widgets, or images in your photo galleries - separately from their 'design' (= styling). The 'content' of the widget remains the same on all screen sizes, while the 'design' can be changed to adapt. If you do need to have different content on different screen sizes, you can use Duda's "Hide on Device" feature..

    The second thing you need to know is that the styling works almost always in a 'cascade' fashion: you work on 'desktop' (or large screen) size first. The styling you set there is the 'default', and it "cascades" to all other screen sizes. When the layout is looking the way you want at the desktop size, then change your viewport and apply the changes you'd like to see in 'tablet' view. Then, do the same for 'mobile' view. The key here is to think of the 'tablet' and 'mobile' views as 'exceptions' to the defaults you set in 'desktop' view.

    If you haven't yet, I'd strongly suggest you check out the following short courses in the Duda University - they really help make it clearer how to work with widgets and achieve different layouts:

    • Getting Started with Duda can show you how to build a site quickly by using readily available, built-in templates
    • Widgets & Layouts introduces you to basic page building blocks
    • the Responsive Website Builder course takes you through the old way of building layouts in Duda, which is still widely supported
    • the DudaFlex course takes you through the new way of building layouts using Flex Sections, which are much more flexible and straight-forward

    I hope these hints help!


  • Iman
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    Duda have options where you can hide an element per device, for example if you have a row with different widgets, you can duplicate it twice and on the desktop editor, right click on the row and hide on devices then select tablet and mobile, then for the duplicated row head for the tablet preview and do the same thing

  • SailorBlue
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    I am having the same stupid issue for three days now and am ready to abandon the platform! How dumb that you can't lock a page down and go work on another visual. I love the platform but this is ridiculous!

  • AdamB
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    Love the platform, but this is a major pain point for me as well. I just want to create custom tile sections but the shared padding and dimension values for desktop and tablet views make this far more difficult than it should be. I end up with text on either tablet or mobile being way too wide or way too short. Its also really inconsistent in how changing the value or dimensions on one visual affects the other. Sometimes it will be barely affected and other times the change is massive. Having the option to create a tablet breakpoint would make things so much easier to deal with, I can just focus on each visual individually.

  • Medicalmassageclinic
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    This platform is THE worst I ever worked with. My web designer put me on it. It is not at all intuitive and I can not move site elements by clicking and moving. Horrible user experience here all over.