Unique identifier in form response emails?

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Is there a way to add a unique identifier to form submission email subject lines? When inquires come in through the site the subject lines are the same, so if multiple inquires come within a couple hours of each other, Gmail (Gsuite) lumps them all into the same email thread which makes managing the inquires very difficult. Is there a way to add a sequential number to the subject line to keep these form responses separate in an email inbox?


  • courtneyquaresimo
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    I dont think you are able to do this with Dudas built in forms unfortunatley

  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Hi there!

    After checking with the team, it looks like this is not currently possible. \What might help is to change your setting in Gmail (see here). This will prevent emails with the same subject line from showing up as a thread. I hope this helps. 😀