Native Store, Product option limitation

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I am setting up my store. Many of my products have options. I have added 20 option names that show up when trying to add a new option name.

If I type in the new option name and add the prices etc in the next field, the ADD button becomes hot as expected. But, clicking the ADD button doesn't do anything.

However, if I use one of the previous option names, then the ADD button works, but I have the wrong option name selected.

There are 20 option names that show up in the drop down, some of which I do not use, as they were put in by mistake during the learning process.

How do I get rid of those not used option names?

And, is there going to be a fix to add more room for option names?



  • DonF
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    I found the native site very limiting as you are only allowed 8 variants, this I feel would not be enough for what you are trying to do. Having to build out a new store for the client, as was not clear in the quick stats, so like reading all the T&C before starting as this was something you would expect out of the box. Sorry to hear you are having issues as well.

  • loliverduffy
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    Obviously you didn't carefully read my post, as your comment didn't address my issue.

    I am not having a problem with the 8 variant limits, so far.

    I have since been told that this 20 variant name limit is a known issue and is being worked on.

    The 20 name limit is arbitrary and needs to be addressed. Also, if I could delete some of my not used names from the list then I could add some needed names and continue with adding variants.

    The problem is having the list at all. Don't need it, as each variant is a new name.

    Almost done, but running into a that block.