Simple Question:How to make images full screen size?

NiuDaVinci Member Posts: 15

I can only go up to 960 pixels width.

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  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    Hey @NiuDaVinci!

    In a regular row, you can just turn on "full bleed mode" and remove any margin/padding to make an image stretch the full width. Depending on if you choose cover or full image, you can play around w/ the height.

    If you're using flex mode, add 100 vh:

    I think you'll have to set some padding on the mobile view to 0 manually, or at least on my site it defaults at 15px left/right padding.



  • NiuDaVinci
    NiuDaVinci Member Posts: 15

    Where is that first image that you've just showed me? where can I access it?

    thank you so much!

  • Aj_Cre8
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    @NiuDaVinci to caveat @Elizabeth_Fedak if you are not using Flex, you can also (ensuring the row is full bleed with no padding)

    Drag the image the length you need to get larger dimensions

    and padding is cleared

    You can then place an image, and just drag the blue image border box to get larger dimensions.

    You can drag that the entire length of the row.

  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    @NiuDaVinci that one was in the image picker and one I used at random:) But this is the image name: close-up-wood-tools-1920w.jpg

    I think if you change to 'free images' and paste that in, it'll appear!

  • Eva_Pettifor
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    Be sure to increase your global site design width from 960 to 1200PX in the DESIGN / SITE LAYOUT section: