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hello, I wanted to ask you if duda works as a real Single Page Application or not.

I'm asking because the "view_search_results" doesn't work well for me, it seems like it works every time I refresh the page. Could you please clarify? Thanks

While the Page_view works fine...


  • Aj_Cre8
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    What are you referring to when you say SINGLE PAGE APPLICATION?

    Duda is a website builder, not an App Builder.

  • Davide
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    Thanks for the answer, I mean that when I insert tags with events (but in this case the "view_search_result" event is automatic by analytycs, it signals it to me in the debug phase only if I refresh the page, and this usually happens when the site web is a single page application.

    if I don't refresh the page, the " view_search_result" event doesn't load if I refresh it, the event loads.

  • Arnoldo_L
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    Hey Davide,

    It's Arnoldo from Duda support. I am sorry, but I do not understand what you are referring to. Are you inquiring about an event in the stats dashboard? Are there any screenshots you can share?

    I look forward to your reply!