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My client wants to create a MEMBERS ONLY area, but I am not sure how? and what are all the things that I can offer him in this area?


  • Ryan_Burke
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    hi @Tuto ! You can do this using our Membership app. This is a good place to start reading about it:

  • Tuto
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    Thanks Ryan, I kind of saw this area, but still not sure what really I can do with it, or what is the application of the Members Only? maybe would like to see some examples of DUDA Sites with Members Only to see how they are using it and see what really I can do for my client...

  • Rene
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    It just adds a layer of security to a regular web page. So, if you have videos or PDF downloads only paid/logged in users should see then just add them to these secure pages.

    Having collected their contact info as a subscription now allows you to email your subscribers when new content is produced via your email/CRM software.