WordPress Security Risks - How to Proactively Minimize Vulnerabilties

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Hi everyone,

Many of you have already seen the recent news about WordPress and its plugin vulnerabilities that have affected over a million sites worldwide.

🚫 Vulnerabilities Discovered:

1️⃣ Elementor Pro plugin: It was found to have an exploitable vulnerability.
2️⃣ Balada Injector: An ongoing malware injection campaign that has been active since 2017.
3️⃣ All-In-One Security (AIOS) plugin: A vulnerability has been identified.

With great popularity comes great risk, and WordPress is a prime target for hackers & cyber criminals - the most CMS platform on the internet.

Stay Secure with Cloud-Based CMS

By subscribing to a cloud-based CMS, you are essentially transferring the risk management responsibility to the provider. This is where Duda comes in. One of the advantages of Duda is that it owns its entire code base, allowing for complete control over its security measures. Duda routinely updates its dashboard and editor shell, templates, and widgets, as well as the runtime environment in which hosted sites are rendered. Additionally, any third-party components used are vetted based on formal privacy and security assessments, and once integrated are thoroughly tested and updated on an ongoing basis to meet Duda's security requirements, ensuring that the platform remains secure.

Do you still use WordPress to create some of your websites? I'd love to know your thoughts on their vulnerabilities and how you stay secure.

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