New Media Slider is not working?

RMIT_Vietnam Member Posts: 1
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Has anyone experienced using the new Media Slider and it doesn't work on the front-end? Images don't slide automatically even though they've been effectively set and tested on the back end. How can we fix it? I hope I can reuse the Image slider widget instead. 😓



  • ScottyStrehlow
    ScottyStrehlow Member Posts: 354 Duda Staff
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    Hi @RMIT_Vietnam - sorry to hear that the Media Slider isn't working correctly for you. We don't have any known bugs with this feature - can you please submit a ticket to our Support team so they can investigate this further for you?

    In your ticket, please include which page is the issue on and how to replicate the problem exactly
    (in case there are specific steps).

    Thanks in advance!