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Hi All, Here is my problem, I love Duda but it sometimes lacks options to make a really credible functional website. For things like hotel booking, company tours, any type of directory, marketplace website or website that requires the user to change or update their info, and finally any type of logic.

In order to still use Duda instead of moving to WordPress or Wix to bypass the issue. I am looking for solutions that I can "plug in" to any Duda website so most likely any HTLM code that I can add for the various solutions. So to be clear the base of the website still stays on Duda.

Please feel free to add Categories or solutions you have found out there that can help the community.

Looking for solutions for:

- Booking hotels
- Booking tours
- User can change their profile themselves
- Directory solution to have the user change their profile and info
- Logic
- Marketplace

Thank you

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    Great reply by @Thomas_Connery , coming after my job ;)

    @Fabien , great question and this is something we are constantly focused on. Thomas pretty much summarized how I would have replied to this thread. The Duda App Store is your first line of defense in terms of complimentary solutions that you might need for your customers.

    The Duda App Store allows you to easily implement these solutions without having to do custom HTML code or having to add code to your website. It's simply a one-click solution to have these apps installed onto your site, allowing you to then just drag & drop the widget where you need it.

    Here are a few that I like:

    • Bookingmood: Bookingmood is a flexible reservation software for hotels, tours, or other trip-like businesses. They have a pretty good tiered pricing structure based on the extent of features you're looking for.
    • Paperform, as Thomas mentioned is another great solution. You can get pretty creative with Paperform, creating direct booking solutions using integrations to Google Calendar, Outlook, etc. You can set Paperform up to take direct payment from a few different payment solutions as well.
    • vCita: vCita is a fairly complex CRM solution for small businesses. I'd say if you're looking for an entire, all-in-one solution, vCita will be your go-to but it is fairly complex. They offer scheduling / appointments, taking payment from the site, allowing users to create profiles at the business, etc.

    We are always bringing in new app partners to help round out our more niche product requests as well. I have quite a few in development currently that we'll be releasing in the coming weeks / months.

    If there is ever anything you'd like to specifically request, we are always open to suggestions as well.


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    @Fabien - very good discussion. There are many other Duda customers, agencies, and experts who have found solutions for some of the items you mention. The first place to likely check is Duda's app store. There may be specific apps available that you can add to your Duda site that will solve for these needs. Contacting any of the Duda Experts may provide you with some options or feedback as well.

    Paperform may be able to handle the logic you mention but I'm unsure of your use case.

    Booking tours is likely the simplest solution to find, and I know many Duda sites have used Fareharbor. Of course, there are other solutions as well for tours, rentals, session booking, etc. Vcita, which is available in the Duda app store, may also be a good option.

    For booking hotels, you can reach out to Max Reservations if you'd like to. I helped them 1-2 years ago with designing their Duda website and I know their hotel/room booking software works with Duda.

    I know I don't have a response for everything on your list at the moment but if there is something I can help with, feel free to send a DM. Good luck!

  • Fabien
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    @Thomas_Connery Thank you. Do you have any suggestions for Directories by any chances ?

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    @Fabien, I have not built a directory site on Duda yet so I cannot advise. I know many people have asked for it so hopefully Duda can partner with a third party provider in the future to make this happen.