3rd Party Ecwid - Use FedEx Integration with Multiple Boxes?

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I have a client with a new, growing online business that is shipping product daily now. They really like the 3rd party ecwid store, the mobile app, etc. - it all works well for them and is integrated with their FedEx account so they are receiving the discounted rates.

Which brings us to the issue, it's hard for me to believe there is no solution for this? So we've set the box dimensions in the fedex settings. From the client side, they are able to send 2 products in 1 of these boxes. The problem that is now happening as they've turned on several products is people are buying multiple items - 3+ but the system is just continuing to charge for the default setting of 1 box, so client losing money there, which is not sustainable.

So far, the only answer I am getting is we have to disconnect the FedEx account and simply go with some amount we come up with by weight to be able to represent this. It's hard for me to believe with all the thousands of ecwid customers that there's not a solution that ties in the fedex account rates with some simple rules so the accurate shipping is charged, even for multiple items? It's either 1 with integration or that's it, you have to shift completely over to estimated costs and lose the automated integration.

Surely there is some solution here? Thank you for your help!

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    Hi @bear96,

    I'm a bit late to your post, but are you still dealing with this issue? I did check with a few members of my team, who also talked with Ecwid and FedEx.

    Details on how Products are Packed:

    "We have an internal system called Packman that calculates the package total size at checkout. When customers add several products to the bag and then go to checkout, Packman takes the dimensions of the products and calculates the size of the box to which the products will fit. If all the products can't fit one box, Packman adds the second box and calculates its size as well, and so on. Then, the number of packages and their weight and size are sent to FedEx. FedEx calculates the rates based on this data and returns the corresponding rates.


    We'd recommend checking if product dimensions are set for correct rates calculation, as Packman uses dimensions as well to pack items in boxes. You can check if dimensions are added in the Shipping & Pickup tab on the product page. In addition, currently, to my regret, there’s no built-in option to make a carrier divide items into separate boxes, I’m sorry.

    As one more option to suggest – the client can consider setting up their own custom shipping rates based on weight. This way, customers will get charged for shipping according to that rates. You can check this guide on how to add custom rates here: Custom rates based on subtotal or weight