Where to add my Google Tag ID; on the "Google Tools" page or the "Head HTML" page?

SamFGibbs Member Posts: 3

Hi there - I would like to know where I should put my Google Tag ID for the most effective tracking and fasted page load speeds.

Duda has two options:

  1. Their "Google Tools" page, with a field called "Google Tag Manager"
  2. But they also recommended in the article below using the body section of the HTML page

Can anyone confirm what's the difference between them? My priority is accurate tracking and quick page loading.

I currently have the google tag installed in the HTML section. It sends data from my google tag to my Facebook pixel. And I have the Facebook conversion API set up.

Thanks very much,


Link for option 2 - https://support.duda.co/hc/en-us/articles/360061888453-Google-Tag-Manager-Tracking

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  • ScottyStrehlow
    ScottyStrehlow Member Posts: 354 Duda Staff
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    Hi @SamFGibbs - good question! I can see why this is confusing. I checked with our Support team to confirm.

    There is no real difference between the two options. With the addition of the new GTM field, you no longer need to add anything in the header HTML. The update for the GTM field was made so that it's easier to paste the GTM number instead of all the code.

    I hope this helps clarify!

  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    Just to add to Scotty's answer… the "Google Tools" method is brand new. Going forward, I presume that would be the default/best-practice/easiest.

    A question for DudaDev.
    @ScottyStrehlow when using the new Google Tools method of insertion, will tags fire within the editor?
    They DO fire when using the <body> code insertion method.
    What's problemmatic is, with GA4, it is difficult to impossible to apply a global filter that excludes the editor from tracking data. (It was easy with UA.)

    I understand that:
    a) it may be impossible for Duda to mask Google Tools from firing in the editor
    b) we are also dealing with the way Google does things

    But I ask anyhow. Getting clean data is a pain point at the moment. If Duda CAN help us solve this, I hope they WILL :-)