iPhone Landscape Preview showing entire site in low resolution


When using the Preview section while logged into Duda, the iPhone Preview in Portrait is in high resolution, when switching to iPhone in Landscape view, the entire site looks in low resolution no matter the page and no matter if the section is a regular row or a Flex row. Please advise as to if that is an issue within the builder. A client is using the builder preview and they and we see a low resolution site when in iPhone landscape view, but not in the IPhone portrait view. We need someone to look at this issue so we can turn the site over to them.

Here is a link to a Zoom recording to see the issue. https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/share/KLHl9G1l9Jp2qkA07jFZK2ScCbfBjXZoCYl2phSkxrc8yGJOxQqkeCVq9xOyuqd7.syH_edTO4IxpU1Tc

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  • Thomas_Connery
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    After testing a couple of sites on my end, the only time I saw blemished or blurry content on the preview screen was when an image was set to a larger size than its resolution. I saw a case where on portrait, the image fit perfectly but in landscape it was being stretched and became pixelated. All of the text, and most of the content, rendered as expected on my end. I would create a support case if you suspect an issue with the preview option with landscape on mobile. Also, please keep in mind, most people are only turning their phone's sideways when they watch videos or play games. Not that it's an excuse for an issue or defect — but this may impact a very low percentage of visitors.