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Hi All,

I'm new to Duda and about to launch my first site, but I have 2 issues. One is huge, the other is annoying.

1. When I add the new Media Slider for my smartphone view, and add images that I then want to connect to blog or pages for a quick link, it does not work. It automatically defaults to the name of an old deleted blog. This does not happen if I link from Image Slider or a regular image placed on the page, it only happens within Media Slider. This way I know the blog links are not dead, but it is something within the Media slider.

2. Any time i'm updating any part of a blog or widget like ALL POSTS, no matter what element I change, it will automatically default the images to ZOOM OUT. This is diabolically annoying when you are posting 10 things a day and changing font sizes or positions and every single time you have to click back to Images and back to ZOOM OUT to turn it to NONE. I am wondering if there is a code or cheat to default this to NONE and leave it there as I will never use the zoom function.


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  • Thomas_Connery
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    First check - please be sure you are using Google Chrome as your browser.

    Per #1, please open a support case. There may be a defect with the widget. I just did a quick test and the button links would only link to the same blog article. Even when I try to change the link for each image. This looks like it may be a defect.

    Per #2, I don't seem to be experiencing this issue. When I alter the all posts widget image hover effect, the setting is saved and appears to be applied as expected. Even when I add a new post, it is not resetting. This is the html value for the hover effect: data-image-hover-effect="blur"

    I would create two new support cases for these.


  • TheMouth
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    Thanks Thomas. Maybe you can help me with one new problem that just started today, I have not published my site yet but am about to, but wanted to do a final check on everything and noticed that when I click to view a new page the whole page shifts up a few milimeters everytime. This is not how I want my page to look. I tried searching but found no info.. The page loads and then the entire thing shifts upwards. It does this on all pages but not in smartphone view or tablet view, only desktop.

  • Thomas_Connery
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    @TheMouth can you share the preview link here? Or DM me please.