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I recently started adding a section of dynamic pages to my website runmotorun.com, one of them being https://www.runmotorun.com/all-brands/company/alcyon . I added the breadcrumb widget to the top of the page (since removed) and even though the pages are nested under the "All Brands" page the breadcrumb only showed Home > alcyon and not the All Brands page.

So I don't know why this isn't utilizing the full path and why the current page is lowercase.

I implemented the exact same thing on magnetfishingisfun.com and the breadcrumbs showed correctly and the page name was correctly capitalized, example is https://www.magnetfishingisfun.com/where-to-magnet-fish/states/alabama .

In both cases the dynamic content unique url slug is lowercase in the Google Sheet, but shows up capitalized in one and lower case in the other.

Any idea what I might be missing here on the runmotorun.com site? I thought I did the exact same thing as the magnetfishingisfun.com site, but have missed something to make it work the same.


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    @Thomas_Connery THANK YOU! I have just gotten a chance to look at the video you provided and realized I forgot to change the Hide/Show in Navigation settings to connect it to the page above it.

    I really appreciate you providing the video, made my day. 😀

  • Thomas_Connery
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    Excellent! Glad the brief video could help.