Beyond the Hype of AI - How are you using it today?

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Hi Duda Pros,

Is AI the topic of the year? Yes. 🤖

Are you exhausted from all of the hype & headlines? Also, yes. 😳

But as Duda continues to prioritize AI capabilities, the team is also spending a lot of time understanding how this will impact agencies. Our Co-Founder & CEO, Itai Sadan, recently shared his thoughts & insights, going beyond the hype. A few things that I wanted to make sure to highlight are below:

AI is NOT Replacing Agencies

"While AI can handle a variety of different tasks that once consumed large amounts of an agency’s time, the technology falls short in a crucial area: formulating and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy. This is where digital agencies continue to provide unmatched value. The reality is that while AI can be an incredibly powerful tool, it’s just that: a tool. Meanwhile, the digital landscape is becoming more complex than ever and what is required from SMBs to succeed in the world today is more than what any one tool or set of tools can provide."

3 Primary Methods for Agencies to Utilize AI Tools

Practical Ways to Leverage AI in Your Workflows

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I'm curious, what are you experimenting with right now? How are you thinking about leveraging AI for your business?

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  • Xenia
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    I mostly use AI for content generation for blogs, generating blog topics, etc. It does help save time.