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I am sure there is an easy way to do this, but I am just not thinking clearly. We are designing a website for a horse ranch with two locations — in separate states. The ranch goes by the same name, so they want the website to be under the same domain. However, they want the content and navigation for each location to have its own identity (design, navigation, etc). Is there a way to do this by simply changing the navigation on each of the pages? Or is there a better way that I am not thinking of?

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    In my opinion you have two options here.

    1. You can explain how having two different properties on the same domain is going to have an negative effect on their SEO and convince them to use two websites because realistically that's what they should be doing.

    2. If they really want both properties on one website, design the homepage to be nothing more than 2 column row with a photo in each column that says "Property Name, State" on them and once the user clicks it will take them to that specific page with its own navigation to its own pages. The header will be a bit of a task here because you will essentially need to create a 2 row header that has both versions in it and hide each row according to which property they belong to. Use the navigation widget under the header on each page to customize which pages are visible.


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    Off the top of my head, you're probably going to run in to a bunch of issues on mobile and would be better off to run 2 separate domains/websites or if that isn't viable for the ranch work out a way to combine them in the one while still servicing the individual needs.

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    I need exactly the same. My client caters for businesses and Schools so very different narratives but the brand (and website) is common to Both

    I’ve spoken to a few experts with little success other than adding quicklinks in a section below the header or menu.

    The great news is that is 100% doable Here’s solid proof.

    it’s a single URL no subdomain etc; each “website” is aimed at a different audience and each has its own menu yet both have identical URL!

    No so good yet is I’m still looking but
    talking to a fulfilment partner now so will keep you posted. Feel free to DM

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    any fulfilment partners able to deliver on this? Two potential customers waiting?!

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    @tcross - that seems like the right way to have that conversation and try to get them to see the realistic side of things (capability-wise).

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    @tcross your suggestion is well thought out and likely the path I will take. The trickiest part will be navigation (as you said). Thank you.