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Hi, I want to implement accessibility for my clients. But I don't know which of the two is ideal. AudioEye or UserWay, besides prices, is there a difference? Has anyone had experience using any of the apps that can provide additional advice? Thank You!



  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Hi @Daniel - I believe both of these apps are very great at what they do.

    On my end - I've really enjoyed what AudioEye has been able to provide, both in terms of precise audits and customer support. They've got a bit more experience in the space, and have even helped a company win a lawsuit against them.

  • Thomas_Connery
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    @the_duda_app_guy, any recommendation for @Daniel?

  • the_duda_app_guy
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    Hey @Daniel - Great question. In our opinion, AudioEye is by far the superior product. Besides offering a more competitive price, AudioEye provides automation for scanning and fixing common accessibility issues on a website, which Userway does not.

    For example, AudioEye will scan the site and identify all of the accessibility issues that need to be resolved, then deploy fixes across the site (for items that can be fixed automatically). Userway only provides an on-page toolkit for visual adjustments (think of an overlay on the page). Userway also does not offer remediations for the website, whereas AudioEye does.

    AudioEye has 18 registered patents that scans for over 400 accessibility issues on a site, where Userway doesn't have the same depth or assurance here.

    Overall, both are great products at the end of the day but it depends on what level of automation, remediation, and usability you're looking for.