Duda’s Monthly Community Roundup - June 2023 ✨

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Hello Duda Pros!

We're in the middle of summer, and I'm hoping your sales funnel is in full bloom 🌹.

Check out the latest solutions, product updates, & member highlights from the Duda Community in June. ⬇️

Member Kudos

@Thomas_Connery - The loom videos you’ve shared really help visualize the solutions you’re providing. You’re a master problem solver for us!

@Bruce_McCaughan - Your fast answers include helpful resources for fellow members - keep it coming!

@rickNweg - Thank you for the question about using Flex. I’m glad we were able to clarify its new capabilities, including using an Advanced grid.

Helpful Discussions

Creating a Secondary Navigation Button

Looking to create a homepage with multiple navigation options? It can be set up manually in just a few quick steps. Check out the helpful Loom video that created.

Ways to Hide the Hamburger Menu

For the mobile or tablet version of a website, you may want to keep it simple & remove the default menu. There are a few ways to do this quickly!

Product Updates

5 Big SEO Updates

Community members asked, and Duda delivered! There are several new SEO features you can utilize. This includes…

  • Upload your custom sitemap robots.txt and other files
  • Store and multilingual pages are now included in Duda's default site map
  • Additional no index and no follow settings
  • New Google Tag Manager integration
  • Add images' alt text in the Tabs widget

NEW: Set Page as a Draft

Add drafts to your workflow to control your site pages’ visibility - both in terms of content and search engine indexing. Using drafts can help your agency’s site-building workflow in a number of ways.

  • Designing a work-in-progress page - meaning you’re still working on a new page for the site and it isn’t ready to go live yet.
  • Hiding a page with restricted or outdated content - for example, a page containing information that you don’t want site visitors (or Google) to see.
  • Any other reason you might have - this might include using drafts as initial design concepts for a site page, content backup, or any other use case.

Duda Community Events

Duda's Inaugural Customer Summit

Relationships are meant to flourish and grow - and that starts with our Duda customers! During the last week of June, Duda hosted a group of Duda Pros at our Colorado office. It was a true pleasure for our team and a unique time for all of us to share ideas, strategies, and thoughts for the future. 🚀

We'll have more in-person events like this coming in the future! Stay tuned.

Duda Talks AI in Houston

Thank you to everyone who joined our latest Duda Meetup in Texas! Our team had a blast connecting with agency owners and talking about the practical applications of AI. Duda will continue to discuss AI strategy - beyond the hype.

Plus, check out our latest online webinars so you stay on top of the latest industry trends from verified experts.

Thanks for being a part of the Duda Community! Check back regularly to ask questions and find solutions. ⭐️