Vote on a tutorial topic for IDEA Board "for now" workarounds :)

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Hey everyone! @Sheyla had an awesome idea, so I'm going to start writing some tutorials for custom widget work arounds or other work arounds for Idea Board requests. This won't be in place of it being developed later by the Duda team, but is meant to give you a *for now* option to add additional functionality to your sites without waiting for them to be built-in. To start, I grabbed a few that I had some custom widget ideas for already. These posts will pretty much all be custom widget tutorials and I'll provide some code snippets, so I hope they will help you on the path to DIYing some solutions!

Vote on an idea below to help me decide which one to do first! If you want to see something else, post it in the comments and vote on the comments too! Due to limitations of what can be addressed w/ a custom widget workaround and how complex some might be, I won't be able to write out a solution for every idea on the board, but will do my best! If there's an idea that doesn't seem tutorial-friendly but could most likely be made, I'll point you towards the Duda Experts page. Happy voting!

Vote on a tutorial topic for IDEA Board "for now" workarounds :) 1 vote

Workaround to add categories for the blog (w/ custom widgets)
Vanessa_Browne 1 vote
Calculator widgets (comment what type of calculator you want to see!)
Blog pagination (how to make a simple blog list widget w/ pagination -- requires putting your blog post into a collection)
"Like tracking" for blog posts -- This workaround would use Airtable and the Airtable API
Clickable blog tags -- Workaround w/ custom widgets
Add filter for blog post widget - Workaround w/ custom widgets